The rain is drizzly, if the heart is here, it is in fashion that up to.

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The rain is drizzly, if the heart is here, it is in fashion that up to.
The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd ............... ,Calendar have sample tear in this way, getting neat, one have one thin to tear, move intend or have no intention while being thin, then put into the dustbin, full, nobody goes to take notice of these simple things. What the calendar is derided still remains an incomplete mao.

Desk go, move still, stool still stool still, door already moribund to become rotten tree, people are still in touching China in the dream .........

One after another drop of water drops on water basin, the sound is very crisp, it was the sound that the ones that rattles away heard water and bowl collided, outside the window have own emotion with these rhythm, breathe out, the wind overflows the window, so cool, let person sleep, think, should wake up, outside getting quiet, in this moment, people shuttle back and forth, among detailed drizzle, have layers of dim fog shroud in this city among being indistinct, so mysterious, a sound reverberates here, stay in people's psychology, it is unable to forget.

Umbrella disappointing to shake the east that wind blow west like, it walks to walk, the clothes have been drenched, the tired one strolls on the wide and wide road with rain, one, two people, three people, persons are fewer and fewer, still continue going, the step leaves along white line, the sudden strain of a muscle of safe bright responsible efforts, flash and remind the person on the road, as striking the same as daytime, stop the step, breathe out! ~! Lift hand, watch form is already 7:30, exactly this time, time that go home too.

The rain is drizzly, if the heart is here, it is in fashion that up to.

See postbox stare flankly alone, already in 2 weeks such as here, are not still familiar with the people here, the thing here, here or a person is strange, it is this outmoded postbox that is only familiar with, familiar figure, 201100, there is not any change, see for several minutes, find the rain is still on the bottom, show interest in postbox, slope as gold tower straight, have to superpose together order from level to level, as step on when being too last one once, begin, walk from there, smile and pass, why be stubborn to go empty to yearn? ! ~!

Press the button according to on 4, the lift does not know when to arrive, the door has walked out, has got back to here, wash one suits of weariness, get on it on the messy haphazard bed, the ones that make great efforts think, are thinking something, fall asleep unconsciously so, how also it will be tomorrow?

The rain has stopped, the light has gone out.
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Dialogue of soul

Dialogue of soul

In this world, we all have a dual character, just some people have believed, some people have obliterated one's own dual characters,

Always want to write something to record and narrate this boring life, but does not know at one time how to record and narrate, the of recalling that I made great efforts was since day, all what happened, thought it over, not which thing is worth my recording and narrate, perhaps, two words are enough to pacify my flurried heart? Hollow! !!!

Some people want, come what does it remember, then while leaving, can not forget to take something to leave either always, this is a kind of general knowledge, I have such general knowledge too, so like recalling the thing in the past, recall as a child, then heavy when a bit, go to school in time then, get back to I who am present finally, in fact have nothing to think too, except trifling life, it is those trifling persons and things, have nothing to yearn, the reality as money, No, can be earning, then going to spend freely, go round and begin again, day by day. Until growing up, then begin one's own life.

In fact the same one with having a meal of life must, am I always thinking, is it happy to conduct oneself? If it is happy, why some people are sad, are some people angry? So this world seems that the equilibrium that is uncertain exists! Why is uneven, I can not say, just feel, say in the book that feels this thing, sometimes terribly, can let thing that feel become reality, I try, know, it feels to be something either, feel and dream the same one naturally just!

Reality is a kind of frightened sense, so I have not adapted to such a frightened sense yet! Feel uneasy and shy as it is worn that there are no clothes! Tin Box China Tin Cans Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Tin Can ManufactoryCd Box Supplier Metal Tin Box Manufacture Tin Box For Food Leather Handbag Pet Carrier Leather handbags

Some day .....

Sunshine for morning very sinister, person that take eye unwilling to open and see the things, can open, will avoid and open this sunshine at once too, because the refraction of the light will let people feel tired, want to sleep very much! I do not think this must be a good thing, because when being idle, this can just remedy some people's vacancy, for example, while feeling at noon that there is no thing to do, can little to sleep, either either a good thing, so this is a kind of feeling of mine, because of existing, apply to one's own body naturally, this is my understanding way!

It is an unbending word to rebel against, most people are very disagreeable to this word, I think the majority very ignorant, but this does not represent me very clever, this is only my own and simple view, can't one language but theory, these very contradictory, is that right? Become reconciled many people like eating apples, some do not like eating the same opposition, the view differs naturally, socialize to socialize, to the end, the person that should eat is still eating, the person that shouldn't eat does not still eat one, this is studied by a kind of theory, I belong to the person whose theory studies, but to the relation with people and people, the ones that got are very terrible, do not really ponder over, because I am not a sage, the sage is not so easy to do after all, even easy to do, I will not do either, after because of lots and lots of years, the sage remains unchanged people are cast aside, it means what sages can not do after all. Some people have ever praised my ability for a time, so I had been proud, but that is a thing in the past, as it always goes, an army puffed up with pride is bound to lose, the naturally proud person had a dramatic setback naturally, the failure is the best identification, Business Gift|Hong Kong Gifts and Premium|Promotional Premium |Advertising Premium|Premium Gifts|Executive GiftBoxTin Box,Metal Box,Cans,Tin Containers,Tins,China Tin Box,Tin Box for Food,Tin Cans,Tin Manufactory,Gift Boxes,Metal Cans,Decorative Tins,Iron Box,Tin PackagingTin Box for Biscuits,Tin Gift Box,China Tin Cans,Tin Can ManufactoryI who came out bottom that time, realized a reason at last, failing originally has cause and effect that was circulated too, later, a little bigger, I had new transitions, person who like do thing that oneself like according to one's own meaning, unique at all times, the feeling of others' worry that never not to go, this is separated form my family life, so I am very different, the idea is always the unusual novelty, let some people unable to accept, make some people surprised, surprised, various expressions, put it in front of me, unless until mask is the the same the true, it last each at will,it can have displayed by one's own mood on! I of different class, fail and is accompanied by I, unable to lose, sometimes will succeed too, but probability is very low, ponder that indefinite as, is not sure at all,

.................................. My soul tells me, in fact I live wrong like this, but my another soul tells me again, I can come alive according to one's own life style, do not need others to fetter anything.
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