There is kind that loves, it is unable to lead along by hand to be named

There is kind that loves, it is unable to lead along by hand to be named
In adolescence of 18 years old, she met you.
The unit practising, because of your ability and intelligence, your consideration, move the muddleheaded girl of that adolescence deeply. Then, it does not have final result that one section seem to begin to be destined, hopeless, desolate and miserable love story
You come from the village too, you rely on one's own clever head to break out among the numerous people working for others. Not only the superior begins to think highly of you, even if been possessing the town clan of the sense of superiority all the time but also regarded you with special esteem. In philtrum these, but you find the she who is unattractive; And she, the baffled beginning has paid close attention to you.
As time goes on, you begin to near to her slowly. Originally, you match with brother's sister. You said you would see she who is modest and exquisite is not grown a kind of attachment by the heart at the first sight, there is kind that wants to have her and enter the impulse cherished. That is the elder brother, to the younger sister's love, that kind of sincerity not speaking clearly? I don't know, you say, anyway has seen her even if like very much, always see and does not mind. When she is on night duty, you who have already come off duty have been waiting outside the unit gate all the time, until she comes off duty, you protect and see her back to the dormitory; When she has a holiday, you making some changes like the going food market buy back a lot of cuisine picture perform conjuring tricks in good taste, let her gobble up; When she falls ill, you looking after kind, accompany her hang bit, pour water feed she take medicine. In the heart, while as a child without elder brother she watch you before one's eyes, say that kind move in her, very proud at the same time. Because in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces, God lets her meet you.
Thought the romantic love was roses burst forth forever, thought it was a fairy tale beautiful that would never fade that two was kept each other. However, you say you can't waste time, should resign this dull job and go to outside to seek one's fortune, in order to give her a better life in the future. Say the obedient, go look for I more easily to develop just,etc. rich, you buy the large house and let her live, you do the dish that she likes eating when It's nothing, see her satisfied eating kind, hope to raise her fairly and fatly She does not give up, because of this city, she has no relative. Having met you, so you are the her depending on. However, you went Italy has sown and promised, let her keep with each other alone bright already definitely.
God says he hates to part with you and leaves her too, leaves her behind in this city lonelily, then, he has urged you to stay. Just, a such one press, seem it is calm lake pond that blow turbulent ripples for a moment
Plan that day not leaving in you, you knock gallop at all speed away by bike at road In her that unit go to work, receive you telephone of elder brother, feel immediately heaven rotate, the foot is unable to tremble. She dodders along and goes to the hospital, sees and lies you on the sick bed, the face, is wiped so that the blood mark is innumerable; The foot, is broken and tied the gypsum to hang high there; The bone of bridge of the nose is knocked into and broken, have that eyes, too swollen to see the eyeball She attack, get on, hold you wail heartily, and you just gentle to make her modest shoulder, there are no languages
It need to toil flesh and bone for a long time to know the sacred love, wounded, its skin of body, rub its dash, practise its endurance
You think you may drop deformity, answer in the past those pack of handsome faces again; It is simple that you think it young, she who is pretty will give up you; You think you draw the dizzy horn here in transient love between you and her. However, you are wrong. She looking after youing in front of sick bed day and night, one touch man she of skin for take a sponge bath, transfer to the clothing for you never, fill in the chamber pot conveniently for you; Each time, she is that red a face finishes these for you. Being perhaps true to regard you as she favourite, she ache one familiar and strange loud elder brother of her. So, even if she can deal with an awkward thing orderly, do not let any appear unbearably. You see her going to work and going, come off duty and return, the ones that do not stop run back and forth. Know, love or fed up about, you finally one day heavy to claim, let her roll, appear in front of you again to her. Even she gives you the meal cooked, all soup enduring meticulously is thrown on the ground, spatter on her shoes, at the clothes, hot in her in the heart However, her bending quietly will be cleaned up on the ground, finally, do steaming hot meal once to send here for you.
After leaving hospital, you have no thought given up out at this point. Taking the train going down south resolutely, just, she did not see you off. She afraid you tired of she, do not know, can't bear, see only pieces of person that on intimate terms eliminate noise leaving away from her sight free of interest like this either, perhaps will not turn round again forever.
She, the calm life that returned to in the past also. Go to work, come off duty, go instruction to take notice of others, forbid others' nearing. She is traditional, she is single-minded, she is who treats love kindly, she does not give up giving up.
He, has seemed to already find the ideal work in another city. Phone her and dwell upon with great relish, and she is always pinching the silent hearing of nose. You who are square ask that, cold? She says, no. You say that should take care, it is to exhort her to wait for you to come back to finish, just in the near future. Each time, she trickle tears listen to you telling; Each time, she will warn oneself you have not forgotten oneself yet. Her sky belongs to you, because you say that does not want anyone to come into her sky instead of you. Her life not repentant is in a person's world. On the road, in the park, on the bus, she always can see those lovers bill and coo, ambiguous. She always sees squeezing the thin waist that oneself like the girl tightly of those boys too, fondle girl's soft long hair Each time, she excessive to go in upset left-falling stroke, until bottom of heart tell oneself all these no important, he in the distant place is struggling for one's own future. This honeyed words than any, it is important that any is caressed skittishly
One time every year slip away, first she ripe, wait
Others try to persuade and warn her kindly, the hopeless love is put down. She says "no ", she knows he will come back. She has already become very numb, already lost and youthful efficacious air, just the silly and silly one waits for him to present every day, wait for him to have her and enter cherishing. However, all these are her imaginations, he, no longer belongs to her.
One day with gentle breezes and warm sunshine, he, came back. However, she has not waited until his excited lifting her, kisses her, has not monopolized her to enter cherishing either, there is no expression in one's eyes cherished just like that originally. Just cold say, are you still fine? Not bad, how? These years, you tell her and keep her wait on the phone you come back, don't let she and anyone walk close. You say you do not allow her soul to betray oneself, say that don't see she can not wait, you that you reaped and belonged to. She, the simple she originally, pupil or such hidden bitterness, heart still kind-heartedness just like that. And you, change the gloomy attire when going, the profundity made, can't surmise.
Two days getting along, you have not said to her if she has waited for one sentence for many years, have not given her the commitment that you swear an oath in all solemnity while going, that was given to her is only a sentence of icy words, say she is not fit for you. You do not see her face, can not hear the sound that her tears fall either. You are very firm, very merciless too. You say thank she all done for you these years, you very grateful, even if make the love while being grateful. You say you have planned not to stay for a long time in this city, it is your ideal home outside. Because as you know, her family hope she don't go out in this city to stay, perhaps, you pinch this point, it is known that she is unable back to resisting.
Love, make people fascinated by when being perfect; Love, when being cruel, make people heart-broken.
You wave, have broken a young dream. The wait and keeping with each other of four years, you do not know how to weigh the weight of time in the hand; You know girl all illusion, happy to wish eagerly, put in here using heart basketting woven time all. She youth for four year to so valueless at all with you, one ice-cold whether you give explaination of her. You merciless unique leaving, interrupt beautiful youth happy note, overturn, observe emotion a folding one must only butterfly beautiful with each other four year too. She actually could fly, but you broke her wings, threw her away on the ground. Sky so high, let she how wing that area is injure dance lightly
Young, perhaps is unworthy of having love. Because the person who demonstrates the story does not know the true essence of the love! Good-natured person, perhaps shouldn't thirst for the love, because the body can't catch the thermometer of the love among them.
You have left, seem to give her a very heavy slap on the face, although has not hit on her face; However, the heart is hit so that the blood trickles. Perhaps, you have told her to another woman together with you, how telephone number to know her she know, leave you and silly silly valuable time when wait for on her either, but the evil language of the frequent telephone can not be dirty and pleasant in opposite directions. She, just understands, has not in fact lost anything oneself, because he is not originally oneself, belong to that vulgar bad woman.
There is much love in the world, the love divides countless kind too. If the person in love don't then lead along by hand easily together. In love and easy, it is difficult to lead along by hand. Some emotion is only a kind of representation loved, the jade hands that he is not worth you lock, he, clear-cut, unlock him, let him go.

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It is heart-broken to like getting

It is heart-broken to like getting
The autumn wind looks like a pliable and tough comb, when it blows afloat gently, the feeling floats and enters my heart slowly in the endless autumn of one.
The wind floated outside the window at night, flourishing like the dream, shining stars, multifarious posture, the silent state of mind of combing me, lonely to get up lovesickness, stay alone, quiet, fill to feel sad I with, seem fill a kind of indistinct sorrow everywhere, and sad inside is a kind of unspeakable miss, make me vast and hazy. Already the night when the bolt has been good tightly on this door, will remember a dream that has already passed. The sound at night should be a thing of the sleep, and I, wake up at the pitch-dark night. I am still me
Cup do already, wine already to the limit, has not begged night, the boundless loneliness twines the atrium.
Face upward head look at moon, in there, stick up corner of the mouth watch I am light, but is the wind drunk? Dizzy, at such night, the wine drifts with the tide in the fresh breeze fragrantly, it is non- willing to be unmoved for life, in fact, I only stand in the corner not sleeping, it is lonely to compare with curved moon, fragile with one's own haggling strongly.
One waits in the quiet dim light of night alone, see through the dim moonlight, the past event floats back and forth in the bit, shuttle back and forth everywhere, it is difficult to tell to the limit, the autumn wind arises, nip in the air strong, knead mind carefully, let moonlight elongate story, want pour out, but find export that should should have, some wet traces that a hole of acid is careless, have become continuous heart rain floating in autumn wetly
If I you transient guest of life already, first one that does not have future meet by chance, imprint on one's mind diligently, tenderness of you, compassion happiness such as elegant skirt skirt of me of you, stand still for a long while shadow follow one's inclinations and roam about in to love dearly and have pity for you, separate and reject and face each other, it is very heavy to miss, perhaps more loving is not enough, the longer one is not a excessive demand forever. When my heart and you neared, I hoped the life that you plucked a maple leaf in autumn and gave to me had added a color, you have given me the forest of the whole Chinese sweet gum, my life was permeated with the happiness and move from then on.
Can you know? Since having you, my life has a miss, then miss like water, satisfied and comfortable, fashionlifesoak in a fragrance and a clear alcohol, the thin passing true feelings of soaking, also dense and also light, in warm and mutual soul. There are all of my emotion at your place, miss, take good care of, care about, a sentence of " girls " It is enough to make me willing to melt in your spoiling.
Reason come reason go, it I wonders to be to miss season or endless to give me your sadness long night? It is passing that I can't bear to give up with you. Originally thought we could wait diligently each other, more trust, however, everything was unexpected, after the mid-night, heart song that deviate from unexpectedly on the full west wing that month, so that I lose until you flickering, in suddenly far, suddenly near hesitation. When your heart is far away from, it is warm to lose, the feelings without worldly desires, at how much sleeplessness night, I wake up and does not know where. I can not find the answer, I can not speak clearly either ever you have used wholeheartedly, having remembered into all of my life, your tenderness, the smiling at Ye, your breath of you, let me aftertaste, entanglement of love and hate, wounded and samsara that like, impede more or less, what be helpless, tonight, the deep color and luster which I miss, held a handful of curved moons with both hands and did not dare to touch your once deep love to stare at. Have who knows you will I permanent collection.
At night of autumn, still very quiet, the gentle continuous feelings which twines former days of miss. Acting as and seeing it all over the snow rain of wind and frost of all one's life, in our vertical-horizontal years, you could tell me that you have ever taken notice of me. At this moment, as I remember your appearance again, thread is reticent too in falling thick and fast autumn. Love you, it is heart-broken to get
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