Sentimental beauty

Sentimental beauty
It is the sentimental for miss that think of the person while seeing the thing,whose name is things have changed with the lapse of time yearn,helplessness when beauty is a fragile good, it is the lamentation moaning and groaning without being ill. Seem to be, not that seem too. It is affectionate person, people, people, fan affection of people of feeling of unreasoning passion of tenderness reflect to be sentimental.

Woman's tenderness, the man is affectionate, might be sentimental. From " seek, desolate" of Li Qingzhao ,Get to " home country over the past 40 years, 1,500 kilometers of rivers " of Li Yu's ; Bury, spend spring from wound of Lin Daiyu, to to it has no chance to be but sentimental to look like invisible shade twine affectionate people always silly Jia Baoyu, make you gasp for breath; The person who always stabs the unreasoning passion like the sharp sword without sharp point, enable drip of your energies; Keep a close watch on fan people of feeling like blood thirsty ghosts and goblins always, make you to be tight if bone firewood.

It is one serious illness to be sentimental, enclose body, you will choke Italy to be lazy, one pair of eyes has no god, weak all over, and severe and lingering illness goes down with all one's heart unwittingly; It is a deep deep and secluded valley to be sentimental, once fall into, you will feel lonely and lonely, miserable tear ripples ripples, melancholy soul sinks, but you think that free and detached; It is the Divine Comedy of a soft,effeminate music to be sentimental, if you get drunk into it, metre in verse and mind and chirping, gathering it with the sympathetic response of heart rate in festival, you can forget me but easily; It is a kind of self- punishments to be sentimental, it is a kind of happy and satisfied experiences, you will have a kind of painful and happy feeling, either you can not afford to sink into, or you are with light packs and entering.

It is sentimental season in autumn every year. Look at ten thousand blue sky, white cloud float, you will narrow soul and negligible oneself sentimental; Take a shower gold wind, comfortable heart happy and interesting, you will and training that deficient sentimental for agitated mental state; In horizontal autumn of White Dew, the grass dead leaf is yellow, you will replace for season and the the life one is transient and sentimental; Bright moon autumn water, the jade flute is flown upward, you will part for the relative and the love one is remote and sentimental; The excessive rain is falling thick and fast, the window of red candle is right, you will be sentimental for the mind of the reasonless humour and baffled things. Because it is the end growing prosperity in autumn, is a cold and killing beginning, the ones that reaped halted, the ones that expected were pregnant with, is the future the changeable one is misted, so you have no reason not to have one imagination after another, hesitate endlessly. Just arise at the historic moment, melt sentimentally because of hour, move at this moment.

Many years ago, I would have a period of sentimental time in annual autumn after the school door of the university come out. On one hand because I came into that advanced mansion during this season, on the other hand because it is unable to enter again that I come out again. When being sentimental, always presenting the overcast overcast Chinese parasol tree and embarking on journey at the moment of me, the paths of fallen leaves in disorder; Will appear on the empty and hollow playground, the swing swung in the wind; Will reproduce oneself coming and going hurriedly, daring and energetic youth. When being sentimental, I will echo, blow Hokkaido metre in verse of folk song in one's ear, float, come melodious in loudspeaker, in a plaintive voice, seem to receive the parcel that mother mailed during the season changing; When being sentimental, I will remember the lover of first love, where to come over seem, stand in the front, it is still that such a bird depends on people, is still such whispering, it feels elated and exultant to be if blueing such still, though this I wife for today; When being sentimental, I feel that get back to the classroom again, it is still that the strong fragrance of the book is black and fragrant, still book business angry, still frightened examination paper, heavy sense of loss and uneasy shocking and making bitter fanning whether full rooming taking wifing oneself of son most.

It is during particular space-time to be sentimental, there is a kind of particular thing, provoke a person's state of mind, this kind of state of mind longs for and does not abandon the love of what has been lost, the most beautiful thing. People have thing that lose, must have sentimental, will fill a vacancy past that you lose when being dark and dark while being sentimental, reach the equilibrium temporarily of a kind of psychology, the psychology that will relieve people is constrained.

In autumn every year, I will not interfere one's own one sentimentally, let sentimentally by taking advantage of remedying the past that oneself has no longer. Stroll in the field, watch the sky is clear, the green dusk of mountain cigarette; Taste and pile up virginly, the maple leaf flickers, I will chant the ancient and present poet's beautiful line, experience great man's vast mind and noble spirit. Come and go forest, watch red leaf dye drunk, step on, decline grass green to congeal, wash autumn rain fan cover with, take a sniff at and moisten the soil agalloch eaglewood, examine the cold pool water hasty and carelessly, I will realize the profound arcane truth that the change substitutes, repair the deep meditation of making the best of things out to realize. Yearn to leave in the moon, it is surprise and cold to smell the wild goose burst, distinguish horizontal Pu in White Dew, listen to the boat flute of the voiceless sound, the drunk blue thick liquid of maltosemalt sugar of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the strong language and the silver light, all over shedding, like the heaven and earth of one night. Where is it sentimental at this moment?
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