The purchase of the shoes:

The purchase of the shoes:
Step one: Consider the activity type that you will be engaged in.
Choose the most applicable shoes according to your activity type, it is you that are deciding to buy the first important task of shoes. If your activity lay particular stress on the suburb mountain route or walking route, so long as choose the light and quantized suburb mountain climbing boot or walking shoes; If you plan to climb the high mountain or arrange to relatively put down the climbing activity of fighting nature, rely mainly on choosing the general climbing boot or more professional climbing boot; Such as wanting to climb the technical snow, the ice is climbed or explore in the polar region, then you will consider buying more double boots possibly. The native mountaineering of Taiwan, except that you plan to be engaged in climbing in specialized technology, propose choosing the walking shoes or general climbing boot

Step two: Compare material, design and quality of the shoes carefully
Their unique designs in all brand of producing shoes, except that you have a unique brand that is fond of, compare several more family's brands, had a look several kinds of types more, chose a pair of suitable one's own climbing boots. When choosing, observe design and lathe work of the shoes carefully, see whether there is flaw not good of quality, products rolls of explanation that mark must notice too in addition, so as not to it buys to be shoes kind you need. In addition, appropriate such as the design of the line of sole? Is the treatment of the suture of car appropriate? Do the designs of the heel, tip and shoes interconnected system accord with your demand? Shoes good? All focal points that you want to consider.

Step three: Try it on
After you decide brand and type of the good shoes, the most important work is to choose one pair to suit your foot size shoes. Try the method in climbing boot as follows:
1.Choose the appropriate size of shoes:
Usually choosing the size of the climbing boot at least, the size in general more shoes than you is larger by last half a size, but don't be limited by one's own size, because size standards of different country, different brand are different, shoes even with brand and size, there will be little disparity too in its size. Want you to try it on in person, could find the size really suitable for you.
2.Put on the socks suitable:
When you get the climbing boot, should totally unclamp the shoelace, the socks (perspiration socks) while putting on And one pair respectively of woolen stockings, telescope the foot in the shoes again, the toe is carried to the shoes sharp forward, still need to leave one to two distances which point one among heel and heel at this moment. It have heel moved backward it depend on last after heel,it have shoelace tied urgent (but the getting getting more urgent more too,the moderate can) ,Stand up and see whether the foot will be slipped in the shoes? Will it be too tight on both sides of the foot? Can the toe unfold the activity? If foot of you at shoes among will random one sliding,change you by pairs of shoes a bits heavy possibly; If your carrying the shoes tightly of toe is sharp, or even should arch slightly, you will try a pair of a bit larger shoes.
3.Try walking and seeing:
Put on shoes try, watch for a walk, can too loose too urgent? Will the foot be slipped in the shoes? Will the heel leave the sole? You had better try stepping on the slope, see and put on whether it is comfortable or not? It is usually a little stiff that the new shoes are worn, but will be more comfortable after crossing for several times.
If all there is not uncomfortable place after the above is tested, that pair of shoes can be chosen. But still please notice: Buying every pair shoes should all repeat the above-mentioned movements, because different brands have different designs, even the size of your foot will be changed to some extent. In addition, westerners' foot relatively Orientals are long and thin, the shoes of the foreign brand must be tried on carefully, can find the shoes most suitable for you.

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