Sentimental beauty

Sentimental beauty
It is the sentimental for miss that think of the person while seeing the thing,whose name is things have changed with the lapse of time yearn,helplessness when beauty is a fragile good, it is the lamentation moaning and groaning without being ill. Seem to be, not that seem too. It is affectionate person, people, people, fan affection of people of feeling of unreasoning passion of tenderness reflect to be sentimental.

Woman's tenderness, the man is affectionate, might be sentimental. From " seek, desolate" of Li Qingzhao ,Get to " home country over the past 40 years, 1,500 kilometers of rivers " of Li Yu's ; Bury, spend spring from wound of Lin Daiyu, to to it has no chance to be but sentimental to look like invisible shade twine affectionate people always silly Jia Baoyu, make you gasp for breath; The person who always stabs the unreasoning passion like the sharp sword without sharp point, enable drip of your energies; Keep a close watch on fan people of feeling like blood thirsty ghosts and goblins always, make you to be tight if bone firewood.

It is one serious illness to be sentimental, enclose body, you will choke Italy to be lazy, one pair of eyes has no god, weak all over, and severe and lingering illness goes down with all one's heart unwittingly; It is a deep deep and secluded valley to be sentimental, once fall into, you will feel lonely and lonely, miserable tear ripples ripples, melancholy soul sinks, but you think that free and detached; It is the Divine Comedy of a soft,effeminate music to be sentimental, if you get drunk into it, metre in verse and mind and chirping, gathering it with the sympathetic response of heart rate in festival, you can forget me but easily; It is a kind of self- punishments to be sentimental, it is a kind of happy and satisfied experiences, you will have a kind of painful and happy feeling, either you can not afford to sink into, or you are with light packs and entering.

It is sentimental season in autumn every year. Look at ten thousand blue sky, white cloud float, you will narrow soul and negligible oneself sentimental; Take a shower gold wind, comfortable heart happy and interesting, you will and training that deficient sentimental for agitated mental state; In horizontal autumn of White Dew, the grass dead leaf is yellow, you will replace for season and the the life one is transient and sentimental; Bright moon autumn water, the jade flute is flown upward, you will part for the relative and the love one is remote and sentimental; The excessive rain is falling thick and fast, the window of red candle is right, you will be sentimental for the mind of the reasonless humour and baffled things. Because it is the end growing prosperity in autumn, is a cold and killing beginning, the ones that reaped halted, the ones that expected were pregnant with, is the future the changeable one is misted, so you have no reason not to have one imagination after another, hesitate endlessly. Just arise at the historic moment, melt sentimentally because of hour, move at this moment.

Many years ago, I would have a period of sentimental time in annual autumn after the school door of the university come out. On one hand because I came into that advanced mansion during this season, on the other hand because it is unable to enter again that I come out again. When being sentimental, always presenting the overcast overcast Chinese parasol tree and embarking on journey at the moment of me, the paths of fallen leaves in disorder; Will appear on the empty and hollow playground, the swing swung in the wind; Will reproduce oneself coming and going hurriedly, daring and energetic youth. When being sentimental, I will echo, blow Hokkaido metre in verse of folk song in one's ear, float, come melodious in loudspeaker, in a plaintive voice, seem to receive the parcel that mother mailed during the season changing; When being sentimental, I will remember the lover of first love, where to come over seem, stand in the front, it is still that such a bird depends on people, is still such whispering, it feels elated and exultant to be if blueing such still, though this I wife for today; When being sentimental, I feel that get back to the classroom again, it is still that the strong fragrance of the book is black and fragrant, still book business angry, still frightened examination paper, heavy sense of loss and uneasy shocking and making bitter fanning whether full rooming taking wifing oneself of son most.

It is during particular space-time to be sentimental, there is a kind of particular thing, provoke a person's state of mind, this kind of state of mind longs for and does not abandon the love of what has been lost, the most beautiful thing. People have thing that lose, must have sentimental, will fill a vacancy past that you lose when being dark and dark while being sentimental, reach the equilibrium temporarily of a kind of psychology, the psychology that will relieve people is constrained.

In autumn every year, I will not interfere one's own one sentimentally, let sentimentally by taking advantage of remedying the past that oneself has no longer. Stroll in the field, watch the sky is clear, the green dusk of mountain cigarette; Taste and pile up virginly, the maple leaf flickers, I will chant the ancient and present poet's beautiful line, experience great man's vast mind and noble spirit. Come and go forest, watch red leaf dye drunk, step on, decline grass green to congeal, wash autumn rain fan cover with, take a sniff at and moisten the soil agalloch eaglewood, examine the cold pool water hasty and carelessly, I will realize the profound arcane truth that the change substitutes, repair the deep meditation of making the best of things out to realize. Yearn to leave in the moon, it is surprise and cold to smell the wild goose burst, distinguish horizontal Pu in White Dew, listen to the boat flute of the voiceless sound, the drunk blue thick liquid of maltosemalt sugar of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the strong language and the silver light, all over shedding, like the heaven and earth of one night. Where is it sentimental at this moment?
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The purchase of the shoes:

The purchase of the shoes:
Step one: Consider the activity type that you will be engaged in.
Choose the most applicable shoes according to your activity type, it is you that are deciding to buy the first important task of shoes. If your activity lay particular stress on the suburb mountain route or walking route, so long as choose the light and quantized suburb mountain climbing boot or walking shoes; If you plan to climb the high mountain or arrange to relatively put down the climbing activity of fighting nature, rely mainly on choosing the general climbing boot or more professional climbing boot; Such as wanting to climb the technical snow, the ice is climbed or explore in the polar region, then you will consider buying more double boots possibly. The native mountaineering of Taiwan, except that you plan to be engaged in climbing in specialized technology, propose choosing the walking shoes or general climbing boot

Step two: Compare material, design and quality of the shoes carefully
Their unique designs in all brand of producing shoes, except that you have a unique brand that is fond of, compare several more family's brands, had a look several kinds of types more, chose a pair of suitable one's own climbing boots. When choosing, observe design and lathe work of the shoes carefully, see whether there is flaw not good of quality, products rolls of explanation that mark must notice too in addition, so as not to it buys to be shoes kind you need. In addition, appropriate such as the design of the line of sole? Is the treatment of the suture of car appropriate? Do the designs of the heel, tip and shoes interconnected system accord with your demand? Shoes good? All focal points that you want to consider.

Step three: Try it on
After you decide brand and type of the good shoes, the most important work is to choose one pair to suit your foot size shoes. Try the method in climbing boot as follows:
1.Choose the appropriate size of shoes:
Usually choosing the size of the climbing boot at least, the size in general more shoes than you is larger by last half a size, but don't be limited by one's own size, because size standards of different country, different brand are different, shoes even with brand and size, there will be little disparity too in its size. Want you to try it on in person, could find the size really suitable for you.
2.Put on the socks suitable:
When you get the climbing boot, should totally unclamp the shoelace, the socks (perspiration socks) while putting on And one pair respectively of woolen stockings, telescope the foot in the shoes again, the toe is carried to the shoes sharp forward, still need to leave one to two distances which point one among heel and heel at this moment. It have heel moved backward it depend on last after heel,it have shoelace tied urgent (but the getting getting more urgent more too,the moderate can) ,Stand up and see whether the foot will be slipped in the shoes? Will it be too tight on both sides of the foot? Can the toe unfold the activity? If foot of you at shoes among will random one sliding,change you by pairs of shoes a bits heavy possibly; If your carrying the shoes tightly of toe is sharp, or even should arch slightly, you will try a pair of a bit larger shoes.
3.Try walking and seeing:
Put on shoes try, watch for a walk, can too loose too urgent? Will the foot be slipped in the shoes? Will the heel leave the sole? You had better try stepping on the slope, see and put on whether it is comfortable or not? It is usually a little stiff that the new shoes are worn, but will be more comfortable after crossing for several times.
If all there is not uncomfortable place after the above is tested, that pair of shoes can be chosen. But still please notice: Buying every pair shoes should all repeat the above-mentioned movements, because different brands have different designs, even the size of your foot will be changed to some extent. In addition, westerners' foot relatively Orientals are long and thin, the shoes of the foreign brand must be tried on carefully, can find the shoes most suitable for you.

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Love comment in life

Love comment in life
Love a kind of beauty too life, but it is a kind of beauty too to give up. Can not be given up at will when giving up. Give up needing greater courage ......

" Life is only the course, the cloud seeming to float in the sky in life is varied, afloat .... "

It is too wounded for love to hate, " Love " It is the course of the love,

Course of love course that look for, look for you really one's own remaining half in life, course you will with single-hearted devotion, course you will mind course you are crazy, you are dim in the course. Course you will wounded to can hurt others perhaps, course you are very happy and very happy, you are very sad and very melancholy in the course, even once sacrificed life for the feeling for the love. Course you will grow up, course you will discovery you gradually become philosopher (emotion) .. All course whether whom you pass by want life road.

" Come out what thing it will be rooms of feeling" The feeling is that the course in life is the course. The course is in order to be confirmed by you suitable one's own remaining half that yourself need, the course lets you understand how to love, how to go to choose your lover.

A lot of people are puzzled by the emotion, the past, present, future. Yes! Who is not puzzled the fault by the emotion and sleep?

Sage has said the hole: " It is difficult for woman and vilain to raise it, do not have near, blame far "

The hole sage has come to the point of the realm with hard to get along with relation between men and women ... The sage is a sage.

People are perceptual animals, nobody will not be tied and disturb by the feeling. But everybody's attitude toward emotion is different, some are persistent, some are single-minded, some special feeling (I single-minded, special feeling) Some are free and easy, some are difficult to forget ... Have true feelings.. Play too ....

What if after meeting thing of the emotion? Do, need course of yourself's life (the course of your emotional success or failure) at this time by oneself China whom whom whom oneself hear feel realize judge.

Puzzled, tell everybody to tell these friends here, there is nothing to be puzzled in fact, unnecessary to think too much, want, can disarray state of mind of you belong to yourself way of emotion instead more sometimes, love you for loving oneself, is not helped you to love, others are only what kind of way is chosen with their experience answer reached during the course ways suitable for them too, and and you? Can only consult, you are you after all,

Paradise at love can hold you, may fall you into the hell too.

Love, plan everything to bear love soon, a brave one go come accepting the setback brave soon,

The most important thing is to do oneself in life, does peptone bring a case to court to sneer and is at a disturbance of emperors to admire Sun's squid to sneer and receive blackly? Cast aside the coat of the society and see how much belongs to your own one? Are you still you?

I meet a lot of such persons, they pursue a result at the beginning, when or know and come to nothing when I say that come to nothing it can give up at the moment the emotional.. Love, need the result? Has everybody asked oneself? The love does not need the result, if like having results and like being limited, ask if oneself like really reaching you want result you what does it love one day? What is done?

As to the thing that the love don't go to require the result, the result is uncertain. You promise all today, you say good-bye tomorrow, you swear an cath of enduring fidelity tomorrow all things today, do you really feel meaningful? To will not do any commitment to I in the future with the emotioning, because those are all unrealistic, but 2 people will love the other side diligently soon together, can imagine illusion future day, strive for an unknown future! Correct like this, believe everybody watch some novel or film only kind, 2 people have got togather, begin to be very much hot, many romantic stories have a lot of commitments to swear an cath of enduring fidelity too, part but it is here back.. Often one party will say: " You have promised I will love me forever, do not leave me " " You have promised me *****" Such an example is numerous, one more commitment will after separating one more is sad .........

Love, the ways in the future will be all unknown, but must be diligent for unknown number between 2 people! Go to refuel! Even if separated some day, your loving conscientiously, your diligent your input, then you can never regret, recall it many years later, you will think it is the beauty ..... You get married you find you one's own remaining half remember that year really after the many years, you do not have any regret!

The following one was written in the past by me

" The bright thing is often transient, seem the meteor rows the beauty in the twinkling of an eye, memory after disappearing ...............
Though disappeared reverberate in that your heart with eternal memory beautiful. You will remember the star light on the same day when when you watch the starry sky, remember the beauty that meteors have rowed ......
The most unforgettable one is not the first love in people all one's life, not your lover, not the person who you love, but feel! Miss! Remember .....

Bright memory is the most valuable in life, often a minor matter and a movement and an expression in one's eyes will let you get back to in the past and get back to era time that twinkling of an eye with a word .........
The memory of the ones that let you find and hide deeply in the heart of hearts feels .........

It takes to fear not to be injured and fear to lose and give up all beautiful feelings .......

The love is fair, there is happy happiness sad and difficult to pass ...... Just the view is different from method to treat

People should be free and easy in emotion, dare to like daring to hate, the wound with brave brave love!

Don't lose the feeling of love because of being afraid of being injured ............. "

Bright memory is the greatest asset in life, waiting for that day when you always go, what did you have? The money? No! Memory.. Recall your first love, your love, your your persistent your sad your dimness of dementia, accompany; The spouse sits on the long chair recalling one's own sample of those years, the thin and thin one is aftertasted ....... What a wonderful feeling it is ....... These could not be changed by money reputation ......

Recall and get up everything in the past after writing here, have happiness that felt sad too happily .....

The following poem is given and said good-bye the friend in the edge hopes to understand

It is not so good as knowing each other that in love
In love not to wait for and have
Instead of reading persistently and sillily Not so good as the blessing of turning
The person who don't let you love is denuded by your love
Let with love of you he strength spread the wings and soar conversely
If really have chance with even if separate two the earth's cores will still be together
Really love a person to certainly regard as one's own happiness with his happiness
Can it offers to him to be the happy you have he sent there in heavy one to someone..

The real love is great Limitless More unfair

The positive existence of love of persisting in the ambition at the ends of the earth?
If really exist, then have a meeting there?
The love of persisting in the ambition at the real the ends of the earth is in the psychology!
If really there is love of persisting in the ambition, that the ends of the earth is just in the heart of your door
Until the seas dry up and the rocks decay forever ...

In a word the course loved is the course looked for, look for you to really belong to one's own remaining half in life, course you will with single-hearted devotion, course you will mind course you are crazy, you are dim in the course. Course you will wounded to can hurt others perhaps, course you are very happy and very happy, you are very sad and very melancholy in the course, even once sacrificed life for the feeling for the love. Course you will grow up, course you will discovery you gradually become philosopher (emotion) . All course whether whom you pass by want life road. Silly, crazy for love, dies and does not regret for the love for love
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There is kind that loves, it is unable to lead along by hand to be named

There is kind that loves, it is unable to lead along by hand to be named
In adolescence of 18 years old, she met you.
The unit practising, because of your ability and intelligence, your consideration, move the muddleheaded girl of that adolescence deeply. Then, it does not have final result that one section seem to begin to be destined, hopeless, desolate and miserable love story
You come from the village too, you rely on one's own clever head to break out among the numerous people working for others. Not only the superior begins to think highly of you, even if been possessing the town clan of the sense of superiority all the time but also regarded you with special esteem. In philtrum these, but you find the she who is unattractive; And she, the baffled beginning has paid close attention to you.
As time goes on, you begin to near to her slowly. Originally, you match with brother's sister. You said you would see she who is modest and exquisite is not grown a kind of attachment by the heart at the first sight, there is kind that wants to have her and enter the impulse cherished. That is the elder brother, to the younger sister's love, that kind of sincerity not speaking clearly? I don't know, you say, anyway has seen her even if like very much, always see and does not mind. When she is on night duty, you who have already come off duty have been waiting outside the unit gate all the time, until she comes off duty, you protect and see her back to the dormitory; When she has a holiday, you making some changes like the going food market buy back a lot of cuisine picture perform conjuring tricks in good taste, let her gobble up; When she falls ill, you looking after kind, accompany her hang bit, pour water feed she take medicine. In the heart, while as a child without elder brother she watch you before one's eyes, say that kind move in her, very proud at the same time. Because in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces, God lets her meet you.
Thought the romantic love was roses burst forth forever, thought it was a fairy tale beautiful that would never fade that two was kept each other. However, you say you can't waste time, should resign this dull job and go to outside to seek one's fortune, in order to give her a better life in the future. Say the obedient, go look for I more easily to develop just,etc. rich, you buy the large house and let her live, you do the dish that she likes eating when It's nothing, see her satisfied eating kind, hope to raise her fairly and fatly She does not give up, because of this city, she has no relative. Having met you, so you are the her depending on. However, you went Italy has sown and promised, let her keep with each other alone bright already definitely.
God says he hates to part with you and leaves her too, leaves her behind in this city lonelily, then, he has urged you to stay. Just, a such one press, seem it is calm lake pond that blow turbulent ripples for a moment
Plan that day not leaving in you, you knock gallop at all speed away by bike at road In her that unit go to work, receive you telephone of elder brother, feel immediately heaven rotate, the foot is unable to tremble. She dodders along and goes to the hospital, sees and lies you on the sick bed, the face, is wiped so that the blood mark is innumerable; The foot, is broken and tied the gypsum to hang high there; The bone of bridge of the nose is knocked into and broken, have that eyes, too swollen to see the eyeball She attack, get on, hold you wail heartily, and you just gentle to make her modest shoulder, there are no languages
It need to toil flesh and bone for a long time to know the sacred love, wounded, its skin of body, rub its dash, practise its endurance
You think you may drop deformity, answer in the past those pack of handsome faces again; It is simple that you think it young, she who is pretty will give up you; You think you draw the dizzy horn here in transient love between you and her. However, you are wrong. She looking after youing in front of sick bed day and night, one touch man she of skin for take a sponge bath, transfer to the clothing for you never, fill in the chamber pot conveniently for you; Each time, she is that red a face finishes these for you. Being perhaps true to regard you as she favourite, she ache one familiar and strange loud elder brother of her. So, even if she can deal with an awkward thing orderly, do not let any appear unbearably. You see her going to work and going, come off duty and return, the ones that do not stop run back and forth. Know, love or fed up about, you finally one day heavy to claim, let her roll, appear in front of you again to her. Even she gives you the meal cooked, all soup enduring meticulously is thrown on the ground, spatter on her shoes, at the clothes, hot in her in the heart However, her bending quietly will be cleaned up on the ground, finally, do steaming hot meal once to send here for you.
After leaving hospital, you have no thought given up out at this point. Taking the train going down south resolutely, just, she did not see you off. She afraid you tired of she, do not know, can't bear, see only pieces of person that on intimate terms eliminate noise leaving away from her sight free of interest like this either, perhaps will not turn round again forever.
She, the calm life that returned to in the past also. Go to work, come off duty, go instruction to take notice of others, forbid others' nearing. She is traditional, she is single-minded, she is who treats love kindly, she does not give up giving up.
He, has seemed to already find the ideal work in another city. Phone her and dwell upon with great relish, and she is always pinching the silent hearing of nose. You who are square ask that, cold? She says, no. You say that should take care, it is to exhort her to wait for you to come back to finish, just in the near future. Each time, she trickle tears listen to you telling; Each time, she will warn oneself you have not forgotten oneself yet. Her sky belongs to you, because you say that does not want anyone to come into her sky instead of you. Her life not repentant is in a person's world. On the road, in the park, on the bus, she always can see those lovers bill and coo, ambiguous. She always sees squeezing the thin waist that oneself like the girl tightly of those boys too, fondle girl's soft long hair Each time, she excessive to go in upset left-falling stroke, until bottom of heart tell oneself all these no important, he in the distant place is struggling for one's own future. This honeyed words than any, it is important that any is caressed skittishly
One time every year slip away, first she ripe, wait
Others try to persuade and warn her kindly, the hopeless love is put down. She says "no ", she knows he will come back. She has already become very numb, already lost and youthful efficacious air, just the silly and silly one waits for him to present every day, wait for him to have her and enter cherishing. However, all these are her imaginations, he, no longer belongs to her.
One day with gentle breezes and warm sunshine, he, came back. However, she has not waited until his excited lifting her, kisses her, has not monopolized her to enter cherishing either, there is no expression in one's eyes cherished just like that originally. Just cold say, are you still fine? Not bad, how? These years, you tell her and keep her wait on the phone you come back, don't let she and anyone walk close. You say you do not allow her soul to betray oneself, say that don't see she can not wait, you that you reaped and belonged to. She, the simple she originally, pupil or such hidden bitterness, heart still kind-heartedness just like that. And you, change the gloomy attire when going, the profundity made, can't surmise.
Two days getting along, you have not said to her if she has waited for one sentence for many years, have not given her the commitment that you swear an oath in all solemnity while going, that was given to her is only a sentence of icy words, say she is not fit for you. You do not see her face, can not hear the sound that her tears fall either. You are very firm, very merciless too. You say thank she all done for you these years, you very grateful, even if make the love while being grateful. You say you have planned not to stay for a long time in this city, it is your ideal home outside. Because as you know, her family hope she don't go out in this city to stay, perhaps, you pinch this point, it is known that she is unable back to resisting.
Love, make people fascinated by when being perfect; Love, when being cruel, make people heart-broken.
You wave, have broken a young dream. The wait and keeping with each other of four years, you do not know how to weigh the weight of time in the hand; You know girl all illusion, happy to wish eagerly, put in here using heart basketting woven time all. She youth for four year to so valueless at all with you, one ice-cold whether you give explaination of her. You merciless unique leaving, interrupt beautiful youth happy note, overturn, observe emotion a folding one must only butterfly beautiful with each other four year too. She actually could fly, but you broke her wings, threw her away on the ground. Sky so high, let she how wing that area is injure dance lightly
Young, perhaps is unworthy of having love. Because the person who demonstrates the story does not know the true essence of the love! Good-natured person, perhaps shouldn't thirst for the love, because the body can't catch the thermometer of the love among them.
You have left, seem to give her a very heavy slap on the face, although has not hit on her face; However, the heart is hit so that the blood trickles. Perhaps, you have told her to another woman together with you, how telephone number to know her she know, leave you and silly silly valuable time when wait for on her either, but the evil language of the frequent telephone can not be dirty and pleasant in opposite directions. She, just understands, has not in fact lost anything oneself, because he is not originally oneself, belong to that vulgar bad woman.
There is much love in the world, the love divides countless kind too. If the person in love don't then lead along by hand easily together. In love and easy, it is difficult to lead along by hand. Some emotion is only a kind of representation loved, the jade hands that he is not worth you lock, he, clear-cut, unlock him, let him go.

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It is heart-broken to like getting

It is heart-broken to like getting
The autumn wind looks like a pliable and tough comb, when it blows afloat gently, the feeling floats and enters my heart slowly in the endless autumn of one.
The wind floated outside the window at night, flourishing like the dream, shining stars, multifarious posture, the silent state of mind of combing me, lonely to get up lovesickness, stay alone, quiet, fill to feel sad I with, seem fill a kind of indistinct sorrow everywhere, and sad inside is a kind of unspeakable miss, make me vast and hazy. Already the night when the bolt has been good tightly on this door, will remember a dream that has already passed. The sound at night should be a thing of the sleep, and I, wake up at the pitch-dark night. I am still me
Cup do already, wine already to the limit, has not begged night, the boundless loneliness twines the atrium.
Face upward head look at moon, in there, stick up corner of the mouth watch I am light, but is the wind drunk? Dizzy, at such night, the wine drifts with the tide in the fresh breeze fragrantly, it is non- willing to be unmoved for life, in fact, I only stand in the corner not sleeping, it is lonely to compare with curved moon, fragile with one's own haggling strongly.
One waits in the quiet dim light of night alone, see through the dim moonlight, the past event floats back and forth in the bit, shuttle back and forth everywhere, it is difficult to tell to the limit, the autumn wind arises, nip in the air strong, knead mind carefully, let moonlight elongate story, want pour out, but find export that should should have, some wet traces that a hole of acid is careless, have become continuous heart rain floating in autumn wetly
If I you transient guest of life already, first one that does not have future meet by chance, imprint on one's mind diligently, tenderness of you, compassion happiness such as elegant skirt skirt of me of you, stand still for a long while shadow follow one's inclinations and roam about in to love dearly and have pity for you, separate and reject and face each other, it is very heavy to miss, perhaps more loving is not enough, the longer one is not a excessive demand forever. When my heart and you neared, I hoped the life that you plucked a maple leaf in autumn and gave to me had added a color, you have given me the forest of the whole Chinese sweet gum, my life was permeated with the happiness and move from then on.
Can you know? Since having you, my life has a miss, then miss like water, satisfied and comfortable, fashionlifesoak in a fragrance and a clear alcohol, the thin passing true feelings of soaking, also dense and also light, in warm and mutual soul. There are all of my emotion at your place, miss, take good care of, care about, a sentence of " girls " It is enough to make me willing to melt in your spoiling.
Reason come reason go, it I wonders to be to miss season or endless to give me your sadness long night? It is passing that I can't bear to give up with you. Originally thought we could wait diligently each other, more trust, however, everything was unexpected, after the mid-night, heart song that deviate from unexpectedly on the full west wing that month, so that I lose until you flickering, in suddenly far, suddenly near hesitation. When your heart is far away from, it is warm to lose, the feelings without worldly desires, at how much sleeplessness night, I wake up and does not know where. I can not find the answer, I can not speak clearly either ever you have used wholeheartedly, having remembered into all of my life, your tenderness, the smiling at Ye, your breath of you, let me aftertaste, entanglement of love and hate, wounded and samsara that like, impede more or less, what be helpless, tonight, the deep color and luster which I miss, held a handful of curved moons with both hands and did not dare to touch your once deep love to stare at. Have who knows you will I permanent collection.
At night of autumn, still very quiet, the gentle continuous feelings which twines former days of miss. Acting as and seeing it all over the snow rain of wind and frost of all one's life, in our vertical-horizontal years, you could tell me that you have ever taken notice of me. At this moment, as I remember your appearance again, thread is reticent too in falling thick and fast autumn. Love you, it is heart-broken to get
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The rain is drizzly, if the heart is here, it is in fashion that up to.

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The rain is drizzly, if the heart is here, it is in fashion that up to.
The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd ............... ,Calendar have sample tear in this way, getting neat, one have one thin to tear, move intend or have no intention while being thin, then put into the dustbin, full, nobody goes to take notice of these simple things. What the calendar is derided still remains an incomplete mao.

Desk go, move still, stool still stool still, door already moribund to become rotten tree, people are still in touching China in the dream .........

One after another drop of water drops on water basin, the sound is very crisp, it was the sound that the ones that rattles away heard water and bowl collided, outside the window have own emotion with these rhythm, breathe out, the wind overflows the window, so cool, let person sleep, think, should wake up, outside getting quiet, in this moment, people shuttle back and forth, among detailed drizzle, have layers of dim fog shroud in this city among being indistinct, so mysterious, a sound reverberates here, stay in people's psychology, it is unable to forget.

Umbrella disappointing to shake the east that wind blow west like, it walks to walk, the clothes have been drenched, the tired one strolls on the wide and wide road with rain, one, two people, three people, persons are fewer and fewer, still continue going, the step leaves along white line, the sudden strain of a muscle of safe bright responsible efforts, flash and remind the person on the road, as striking the same as daytime, stop the step, breathe out! ~! Lift hand, watch form is already 7:30, exactly this time, time that go home too.

The rain is drizzly, if the heart is here, it is in fashion that up to.

See postbox stare flankly alone, already in 2 weeks such as here, are not still familiar with the people here, the thing here, here or a person is strange, it is this outmoded postbox that is only familiar with, familiar figure, 201100, there is not any change, see for several minutes, find the rain is still on the bottom, show interest in postbox, slope as gold tower straight, have to superpose together order from level to level, as step on when being too last one once, begin, walk from there, smile and pass, why be stubborn to go empty to yearn? ! ~!

Press the button according to on 4, the lift does not know when to arrive, the door has walked out, has got back to here, wash one suits of weariness, get on it on the messy haphazard bed, the ones that make great efforts think, are thinking something, fall asleep unconsciously so, how also it will be tomorrow?

The rain has stopped, the light has gone out.
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Dialogue of soul

Dialogue of soul

In this world, we all have a dual character, just some people have believed, some people have obliterated one's own dual characters,

Always want to write something to record and narrate this boring life, but does not know at one time how to record and narrate, the of recalling that I made great efforts was since day, all what happened, thought it over, not which thing is worth my recording and narrate, perhaps, two words are enough to pacify my flurried heart? Hollow! !!!

Some people want, come what does it remember, then while leaving, can not forget to take something to leave either always, this is a kind of general knowledge, I have such general knowledge too, so like recalling the thing in the past, recall as a child, then heavy when a bit, go to school in time then, get back to I who am present finally, in fact have nothing to think too, except trifling life, it is those trifling persons and things, have nothing to yearn, the reality as money, No, can be earning, then going to spend freely, go round and begin again, day by day. Until growing up, then begin one's own life.

In fact the same one with having a meal of life must, am I always thinking, is it happy to conduct oneself? If it is happy, why some people are sad, are some people angry? So this world seems that the equilibrium that is uncertain exists! Why is uneven, I can not say, just feel, say in the book that feels this thing, sometimes terribly, can let thing that feel become reality, I try, know, it feels to be something either, feel and dream the same one naturally just!

Reality is a kind of frightened sense, so I have not adapted to such a frightened sense yet! Feel uneasy and shy as it is worn that there are no clothes! Tin Box China Tin Cans Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Tin Can ManufactoryCd Box Supplier Metal Tin Box Manufacture Tin Box For Food Leather Handbag Pet Carrier Leather handbags

Some day .....

Sunshine for morning very sinister, person that take eye unwilling to open and see the things, can open, will avoid and open this sunshine at once too, because the refraction of the light will let people feel tired, want to sleep very much! I do not think this must be a good thing, because when being idle, this can just remedy some people's vacancy, for example, while feeling at noon that there is no thing to do, can little to sleep, either either a good thing, so this is a kind of feeling of mine, because of existing, apply to one's own body naturally, this is my understanding way!

It is an unbending word to rebel against, most people are very disagreeable to this word, I think the majority very ignorant, but this does not represent me very clever, this is only my own and simple view, can't one language but theory, these very contradictory, is that right? Become reconciled many people like eating apples, some do not like eating the same opposition, the view differs naturally, socialize to socialize, to the end, the person that should eat is still eating, the person that shouldn't eat does not still eat one, this is studied by a kind of theory, I belong to the person whose theory studies, but to the relation with people and people, the ones that got are very terrible, do not really ponder over, because I am not a sage, the sage is not so easy to do after all, even easy to do, I will not do either, after because of lots and lots of years, the sage remains unchanged people are cast aside, it means what sages can not do after all. Some people have ever praised my ability for a time, so I had been proud, but that is a thing in the past, as it always goes, an army puffed up with pride is bound to lose, the naturally proud person had a dramatic setback naturally, the failure is the best identification, Business Gift|Hong Kong Gifts and Premium|Promotional Premium |Advertising Premium|Premium Gifts|Executive GiftBoxTin Box,Metal Box,Cans,Tin Containers,Tins,China Tin Box,Tin Box for Food,Tin Cans,Tin Manufactory,Gift Boxes,Metal Cans,Decorative Tins,Iron Box,Tin PackagingTin Box for Biscuits,Tin Gift Box,China Tin Cans,Tin Can ManufactoryI who came out bottom that time, realized a reason at last, failing originally has cause and effect that was circulated too, later, a little bigger, I had new transitions, person who like do thing that oneself like according to one's own meaning, unique at all times, the feeling of others' worry that never not to go, this is separated form my family life, so I am very different, the idea is always the unusual novelty, let some people unable to accept, make some people surprised, surprised, various expressions, put it in front of me, unless until mask is the the same the true, it last each at will,it can have displayed by one's own mood on! I of different class, fail and is accompanied by I, unable to lose, sometimes will succeed too, but probability is very low, ponder that indefinite as, is not sure at all,

.................................. My soul tells me, in fact I live wrong like this, but my another soul tells me again, I can come alive according to one's own life style, do not need others to fetter anything.
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There are 8 taboos every day in healthy life

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There are 8 taboos every day in healthy life

It is healthy to drink two cups of coffee every day

As to the long-term health plan, people have one's heart filled with and hope. Prevent following 8 from every day " The taboo " ,The good beginning of the health plan.

1.The caffeine is excessive. It is healthy to drink two cups of coffee every day, but must not drink six or seven cups. Otherwise will cause dehydration, lead to the fact blood pressure rises suddenly. Pay attention to some soda beverages, because often include the caffeine in these beverages. Same, drink tea answer right amount of too.

2.Do not fasten the safety belt. Drive or fasten safety belt fee anything by bus, use 3 second at most. Since can guarantee the life security, can avoid the traffic fine. If traffic accident of taking place, fasten the safety belt, wrinkle shirt to be far to break neck than traffic accident neck the flower is obtained!

3.Do not bother to drink water. When you felt hungry, in fact most situations were " thirsty " ,But not " Hungry " . Do not forget to drink several glasses of water more every day. Body dehydrate, can lead to the fact tired and depressed. A thermos flask is put on the desk, often drink some water.

4.Hot-tempered. Losing the temper will lead to the fact blood pressure rose suddenly, physical stamina dropped suddenly. Lose the temper routine to succeed you, Unique Handcrafted Jewelrythen must grasp skill to control temper. Do you treat life excessively conscientiously? Often find fault? Don't waste energy yes " The nameless fire " Have, look for some important thing make, pieces of kind method too.

5.Headache and depression. Headache will happen frequently to us. But if then should pay close attention to, find out the reason like this every day - -The working pressure of life? Does eyesight fail? Diet due to? And then do essential treatment.

6.Utilized. Can only in a situation that we agree, others could utilize us. If preventing, should do some the thing which they do for others by oneself, become others' " tool " . While deserving and refusing, talk about " NO " boldly ," liberate " One's own best method.

7.Act as " the sofa potato " . Tin Box For FoodThe sluggish life style is really very captivating, but very harmful to health. Often go out and do exercises, even the simple strolls of 20 minutes are very good for health.
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8.Eat " the junk food " . Athrepsia of junk food, and the heat fat has enough and to spare, often eat " the junk food " Will increase the waistline and stop up the blood vessel.

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Tears of the bottle

Tears of the bottle

In long long ago, drift a bottle among one boundless ocean. This bottle has already drifted in the boundless and indistinct sea for a long time for a long time.iPhone Skin His only hope is the person letting him meet oneself aroused in interest in his limited life. Cross for many years like this, finally one day, bottle meet a little goldfish. The little goldfish is very innocent, very lovely.

The bottle is asked her: "Can I become friends with you? I think we two are together and sure to be happy. "

Promises him if the little goldfish is very frank: "Sure! I can become your friend! "

The bottle is said: "I am sure to protect you carefully, it is blown by you, will not let you take a taxi by water. You reach my stomach. "

Having finished saying, the little goldfish swims into stomach of the bottle. In this way they know, they are happy every day, joyful, there is excitement every day. The bottle is very happy too, in so many years, the bottles are all spent alone. Now his many little goldfishes at one's side, he becomes very happy. He thinks: "I must protect her carefully! " Bottle take little goldfish to end of sea think sunrise sunset, most low shock wave to think ink to take little goldfish to mountain. Their happiness of one day and one day, feel and satisfy the bottle very much, he had no requirement. He does not just know whether he can look after the little goldfish all one's life. He thinks: "It will be better if she and I can be so happy all one's life. "

They pass, for a long time, undergo violent storm together, go through lightning to be thunderous together for a long time in this way. But the little goldfish has grow up slowly, has turned into a goldfish beautiful of one. At last one day, bottle see goldfish sorrow of face, see goldfish tear of temples.

The bottle is very sad Q goldfish: "What's the matter? Why be in today, become unhappy suddenly. "

The goldfish is shedding the tears: "I want to go to the external world to play, I think I goes to the external world to leave, I want to look for one's own life. "

The thing that the bottle did not hope to happen happened at last, it would have one day in this way that the bottle is known. The bottle answers goldfishes very calmly: "If you really want to go out, I will satisfy you, I just hope you go out to be happy, live happily. "

Having finished saying, the bottle knocks into the merciless coral reef violently. The bottle is utterly crushed, the goldfish got back to her own world at last. She swims to sea depths happily. The bottle only has left a head that has sunk to the depths of the sea with the rivers slowly.

The bottle has been stayed in the sea depths mercilessly like this, he has not regretted in the heart. He thinks, he should be satisfied. Though goldfish at his side, he think of, pass by on already very much happy now, though he does not have nothing now. But he still very calm, he should know luxurious anything he. He has ever had after all, he has ever given her happiness, he has been happy too. Though has already become history, though he can do nothing now, perhaps will stay in the ice-cold sea water quietly in lifetime. But his heart at this moment feels very warm, he is very much obliged to Heaven and give him this chance. Time is one day and one day, at last one day, the bottle was very sad suddenly. He remembered goldfishes suddenly, thought whether she is happy now. But he knows, he who is present can not see her again forever already. It is his already deep infection sea water to that heart of the goldfish. The bottle strengthens the goldfish day by day too, very worried goldfish's present happiness of the bottle. PullersThe bottle is always to think: Does she have a good time? Is she still happy? Is she worried now? Does she still remember me?

Cross for a long time for a long time, but bottle miss goldfishes day by day. The heart of his city moved the sea God at last, the sea God came to see the bottle one day.

The sea God asks him: "Do you really want to see your goldfish very much? "

"! I want to think of very much very much! ! But I can not already be going out now to look for him. " The bottle is very sad.

"You are in order to see her, is that all right to pay everything? "

Hear that can see one's own loved goldfish, the bottle seems too excited, to keep Hou painful, and bottle keep Hou come to nothing those a lot of year. But when he knew he can see goldfishes again, have not already expected to pay and can see goldfishes more or less.

"All right! So long as can see her, I can pay anything you like. " The bottle is very firm.

"Disappear forever? "

Bottle hesitate for a moment, but he miss in goldfish seem meaning to go beyond life.

"Even if give up my life, I want to see her last side, so long as can let me see her, I think of knowing whether she is happy. " The bottle is unwilling to wait more longly, he has already given up one's own life.

Having finished saying, the sea God takes bottle to see his goldfish. Far see the bottle goldfishes are cruising slowly with another goldfish. Goldfishes are very happy, and the goldfish has found one's own real happiness that the bottle can be found out, the bottle find that seems to be surplus oneself at this moment. But he is very happy. He is not sorry, he has been already very satisfied and very satisfied.

A line of lightning in the sky has hit the part of the only bottle, the bottle has really died this time. In a flash in that that he dies, the bottle has shed a drop of tears. The tears of the bottle, then this has dripped tears and sunk to the sea floor slowly. To the miss of the goldfish with the bottle, the love that once had with the bottle. Slowly, slowly, this grows the first drop of tears in the bottle, it is the last drop of tears too. This is the tears of Aquarius, that tears in the bottleneck are the tears of the true love of the bottle.

This is destiny of Aquarius, give up one's own true love, hope the person that oneself loves is happy, happy forever.

"Though has passed much for many years, I can't hide my sadness, I can't forget that day when we knew. I have looked for it for a long time for a long time in the sea, I have only wanted to look for you, even if can only cast a look at you. I can't forget the figure that you leave away forever.mp4 speakers I want to what which you said but can not explain whether do not know whether you are happy now. I will look at you slowly, then forget you, then close the tears tightly. I know someone replaces me now, I have not regretted. Though ours is starting points of my pain separately, I have not blamed you. My little goldfish, though my life will be over soon. I can't protect you forever. "

This bottle heart want what that say at the last moment perhaps.

Let us present persons treasure our love, love is all the only one to us.

Treasure carefully!

under the weather
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